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🌙 Late Night Stories With Lay

Bullied till Death Part 1 

By Malaya 


To : anyone who really cared

If your reading this then I’ve ended what I thought was supposed to be a beautiful life. If I wasn’t supposed to be gay then why would God make me this way ? I’ve had so many questions with no answers and no one to talk to.  I’m sorry to the people that I love but I cannot take it anymore! Why does every one hate me because I’m gay.. fuck them.

I have been punched , spit on , attacked , called a queer , faggot , looser , pussy , geechie, punk you name it. Couple times at school they spray painted Faggot on my locker. Some people do not talk to me but fuck them .. fuck everyone I hate this fucking life now. I am so tired of this shit  

I have received letters telling me I should leave school and that Faggot’s are not welcomed. I am scared and tired.  

Yesterday in the locker room I over heard the boys talking saying how much of a fag I was and how they should kill me. Scariest thing they knew I could hear them. At this point I don’t know if I should kill my self or let them kill me. I just want to die so I don’t have to put up with this shit. They don’t know shit there a bunch of assholes. I just need to end it all now. 

I feel like I’m such a disappointment at home . After all they say to my mom you have a fag for a son. 

They should all be put in prison! There horrible I hate everyone of them. I wish they could feel the pain that I feel. 

     “Mason “ which was my name , Mrs.Washington said. I jumped and quickly closed my notebook. “class is over you didn’t hear the bell ring , is every thing okay,” she asked . 

Yes I’m okay I was just doing some writing. “Okay well work on your science project and have a good weekend, “She said. 

Little did she know that I was broken inside I just wanted to end it all. I was hated by my peers and by the people I thought loved me. I felt like I was living in a black hole. 


To Be Continued ............ 


 (Short Fictional Stories )


In Loving Memory of anyone that has lost someone to bullying or Suicide ❤️

🌙 Late Night Stories With Lay


Bullied till Death  Part Two 

By Malaya 


I decided to walk home today, I normally took the public bus but for the last two weeks I’d been feeling very isolated and didn’t want to be bothered with anyone. 

The good thing about walking home  was that I had to go through the park to get home and I loved to watch the birds fly over the pound and just feel the fresh air breeze off the trees it was peaceful. Just being in the park I felt at peace I felt okay, I felt no one was judging me. It kind of reminded me of how my grandmother used to talk about heaven and how beautiful the Bible described it . To be honest since her death I wasn’t the same I felt lost. She was the only one in this world I felt understood me and accepted me and always loved me unconditionally. I lived with her most my life until she got sick then I had to move in with my mom and her husband . Which was okay until my step father started to drink and became angry. It was a normal routine for him my mom worked 2nd shift and sometimes she’d work 3rd for some over time. So I normally witnessed all the bull shit that came with his alcoholism. 

He always called me little girl , little girl do this little girl do that. You wanna be fag right well do the things fags should he told me one time. He made me so angry at times I often thought of putting rat poison in his food. He even hit me a couple weeks ago I got a black eye and  he told me to tell my mom I got into a fight at school I was scared as hell so I went along with it 

It’s not like my mom would believe me anyway she was always on his side.

Walking pass the corner store I seen my neighbor her name was Eyricka she was about sixteen she had dropped out of school to start her transition she was trans. Omg she was so beautiful though  she had the smallest nose with high cheek bones she looked like model. I looked up to her . “ Hey Mai Mai” is what she used to say when she saw me. How was school today  she asked , it was okay you know how the kids are I replied. Child pay them just get your education and be fly, you always gone have people who don’t like you or don’t understand who you are and it’s okay be you . 

I knew what she was saying was true but times it gets hard she’s not always around for me to talk to so Im lost most time. 

When you bringing yo ass to the ball she said I keep telling you it’s a new family outside of your own. We love, we have fun, uplift and understand one another. Matter of fact she says it’s a bell this Saturday im going to come get you so ask your mom if you can go.  I was hyped I would always see her coming in from balls she looked like she had the time of her life I couldn’t wait to experience the new life. 

Yes I’ll ask her just hit me up on messenger later I told her,  as I was walking up my porch. 

Even more hyped because Beyonce dropped her Homecoming documentary on Netflix and my step father wasn’t home.  So I could be me and enjoy my alone time and my Beyonce! 

I walked in kicked my shoes off grabbed the remote click on the movie and got in my zone.  She was  my go to when I felt down. Her music always kept me going and reaching for hope. 

About thirty mins in I looked over to my right and it was my step dad. He had to been standing there for about five mins watching me until I noticed him. He was drunk as a Skunk, “ You little fag what I tell you about watching that shit on my tv” he said angry and I knew what was coming  next. 


To Be Continued .......


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