twenty two & keys

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Twenty Two & My Keys

Part 1

By Malaya Wright

So the phone rang it was him . He began his apologetic conversation as usual so I instantly knew it was more to his phone call. At this point it felt like I had twenty butterflies flying around in my stomach. Bae you there he asked annoyed I answered yes I’m here he then kept going on and on about how I was the only one for him and how much he cared . Before I could light my wood he says I have a baby on the way. There I was standing in a puddle of shock ! Only thoughts running through my mind was did he just say what I think just he just said. Gathering all my thoughts pissed the fuck off but putting my shoes on at the same time. The fact that he called and told me this had me boiling but he knew to call. 6 years of being together 2 years of trying to have kids and now you got another bitch pregnant!

Calmly I asked well who is she he says remember Iyonna . But as he’s talking I’m grabbing my twenty two and keys and I’m out the door I knew his exact location thanks to the tracker my brother put on his car couple months back when I suspected some bs going on .

To be Continued.........

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🌙 Late Night Stories with Lay

Twenty Two & My Keys

Part 2

By Malaya Wright

Buckley road to 41 there I was on my way to Chicago.Lord knows what was about to happen all I knew was that I’d reached my limit . Then Cardi B Came on radio

Be careful with me, do you know what you doin'?

Whose feelings that you're hurtin' and bruisin'?

You gon' gain the whole world

But is it worth the girl that you're losin'?

Be careful with me

Yeah, it's not a threat, it's a warnin' ...

Yeah I’m feeling real Psycho at this point , My gas hand was on E I had no choice but to stop at the gas station.

As I’m pulling in , there he was..... he wasn’t my man but he was fine as fuck!

Better yet he was light skin about 5’9 had on a fresh pair of nines with face tats perfect white teeth, good skin and dressed nice. I knew he was worth it and would be down for what ever shenanigans I had in store .

Here I am at the gas pump and there he was pumping gas.

Where you going sexy he says

going to handle some business I replied.

He looked at me a could tell something was bothering me and I could tell he wanted me to come sit in his car.

He was fly driving a old Mercedes but had a pocket full of money. I knew he was a savage, a paid in full type of nigga.

You too pretty to be stressed out

If you let me I’m trying to ride and show you a good time.

Pissed and emotions running high

all I wanted to do was get revenge and escape from this traumatic event I was experiencing .

What about my car? I asked

I stay up the block follow me and I’ll hope in car with you he said.

My mind was all over the place I was a train wreck. We pulled up to his house it was about 12:35 am , it was raining and cold as hell. Now don’t get it twisted I was still boiling hot I didn’t forget what happened I was just distracted at the moment! Unlock the door he said getting in smelling all good. Kinda caught of guard by everything that was happening, then reached over and kissed me. Now i’d been kiss before but the way his tongue slid down my throat

felt like heaven with a little piece of Hell and there it was a pill going down my throat. What the fuck is that I said

oh it’s a transformer I told you we was chilling he says

Now me and ex pills don’t mix , but he was definitely about to find out

how wild I was on a transformer !

To Be Continued .........

Part 3 tonight at 11 PM

🌙 Late Night Stories with Lay

Twenty Two & My Keys Part 3

By: Malaya

Driving up the highway and rolling off this ex pill I was lit! The way this transformer kicked in, you would have thought my direct deposit hit.

Mouth super dry, body giving off sexual vibes, what was going on with me? Did he really just turn me up like this , I asked myself. Not thinking my reaction would lead to my actions i was feeling real reckless not giving a care in the world. He then poured up me a cup of Hennessy looking at me like he was ready to eat me up ! Flattered by his young thug passion with his old soul I could tell his grandmother raised him. What’s your sign? Taurus I replied oh y’all some freaks he says I knew his pill was talking.

Our sex drive is high, we bed room pleasers I said.

Is that right , so why don’t you show me how good you like to please he says.

No need to reply I simply gave him the nod and pulled off on the next exit.

Parked on a dark one way , my hands was gliding over to his lap feeling for a print praying and hoping he was well endowed and circumcised. But Before I knew it his boxer briefs was to his knees and penis was wrapped around my lips and down my throat.

Damn Baby you ain’t lie you definitely know how to please he says.

He was in heaven his eyes was rolling to the back of his head. Now He was a real nine with a nice width no extra skin just how I liked it !

Then a Loud ping goes off I pulled up and grabbed my phone it was the gps tracker notification,He was on the move. So I Put the phone back down and continued what I had started. About ten minutes in the phone went off again now this time I’m blew. The Location ping was at motel not to far from where I was. Thinking in my head wtf Is he doing at the motel, But Before I knew it I was in route to motel. What’s wrong why you stop he asked, nothing we going to get a room I replied. Pulling in to the motel parking lot I saw his truck and trying to keep a low profile I parked in front by the office.

Placing my twenty two in my purse grabbing my keys , I’ll be right back going to get a room I’ll be right back. Walking to the door of the motel I was filled with rage my Anxiety was at its all time high.

Hello Miss ! the old Caucasian man says from behind the front desk. Yes my husband told me to meet him here but he’s asleep and he’s not answering the door or his phone. He then asked for my id barely looking at it. Whats your husbands name he asked looking at my breast. Eric Johnson I said.

He then prints me out a duplicate of the room key and says room 115 on the left side! I wasn’t surprised he gave me the key he had creep written all over his face. As I begun to walk to the room I had all sorts of thoughts running through my head and there i was at room 115. Placed the key in door and began to walk in the dark room!

To Be Continued ..........

🌙 Late Night Stories With Lay

Twenty Two and My Keys

Part 4

By: Malaya

Not knowing what I was about walk into , I could feel my life was about to change for ever. I Reached in my bag grabbed my twenty two, finger on trigger. one wrong move and somebody could dead ass catch one of these slugs.

Eric I screamed what the fuck are you doing in this motel, who the fuck are you with , do you really got a baby on the way . After all we been through, you really gone do this to me ! But the room was completely silent not one sound.

Hello I screamed...... still no response, Reaching for my phone not realizing I was moving quickly I left it on the charger In car.

Walking over to what I thought was the light switch, I tripped and hit my head on the dresser. Laying there in shock wondering if I’d just accepted the fact that he had a baby on the way and did what was best for me I wouldn’t be where I was in this moment.

Moving in slow motion crawling towards anything that would help me get up and get out the door, I then crawled into what felt like a puddle blood.

Eric what the hell is going on in here I got my gun ! Jumping frighteningly Caught off gourd by the noise of the train I fell again and my gun slipped out my hand. This was like a horror movie and I wanted no parts. Had I stayed home eating ice cream crying watching waiting to exhale or stayed in the car being a freak hoe this wouldn’t be happening.

Got it! flicking up the light switch up . Eyes bucked and mouth wide open

This shit could not get any worser then it already was . My eyes was playing tricks on me. I was standing in what the police call a criminal investigation scene. It was giving a scene from law and order and there was woman’s body laying on the floor dead. But wait a minute Was that Iyonna the girl Eric said he had a baby on the way with.

Speechless not knowing what to do or what to say all I knew what was that I needed to get out of there.

As Im limping towards the door I hear a baby cry , stopped me right in my tracks. Someone else was here, and The noise was coming from the bathroom. Not knowing to continue out the door or to see what was going on in the bathroom. All I knew I was scared as hell and I had un answered questions ! What was my next move ?

To be Continued ........

🌙 Late Night Stories With Lay

Twenty Two & My Keys

Part 5

By: Malaya

Now there I was standing In the bathroom door way and there was a baby crying wrapped in towels. Was this the baby Eric was talking about, did iyonna give birth to this baby here in the room.

Here I am all these questions and no one there to answer them. I quickly ran and closed the door, how would I be able to explain what was going on if someone was to walk by. Thinking quick but accurately I had to be smart I wanted no involvement in this but I was standing In the middle of all the action.

First thing first was to check on the baby, as I’m unwrapping the towels there she was the prettiest little girl that I had ever seen. She had a head full of curly black hair , dimples and when she opened her eyes she had the prettiest chestnut brown eyes. I was In love I quickly held her in my harms. Shhhh shhhh it’s gonna be okay I whispered in her ears. Rocking her to sleep I noticed that iyonna’s body had stabbed wounds , so not only did she give birth in this room but she had stabbed as well. Was this Eric’s doing? What ever happened ? all I knew was that I had needed to get the hell out this room. I quickly grabbed my gun off the floor ran back to the bathroom to wash the blood off my hands. I needed to clean any trace of my finger prints I didn’t want anything to come back on me. So I walked back to the front office but from the looks of it the front desk guy was on break so I snuck behind the counter and took the tape out the video recorder and grabbed a bottol of Beach from the house keeping closet.

Nervous as hell I walked back into the room moving fast but making sure I left no evidence. I then grabbed the baby and walked to the car. Opening the car door the boy says is everything okay , it took you a minute. Yes I’m good my sister and her boyfriend got into a fight so I had to come get the baby I replied. There was no way I could still hang out with this man after everything that had just occurred. Im going to send you home in a Uber and we’ll just hook up some other time I told him. Damn he was so fine and his dick tasted so good I was slightly aggravated, I was still rolling off the ex pill. He was cool with it though he really had no choice had no choice.

Home wasn’t an option for me I didn’t want anyone asking questions about the baby that I couldn’t answer. So I sat there for a minute holding the baby in my arms i was in love. It was no Coincidence that I ended up where I was when I did. I then smiled and looked down at her and told her name was Harmony and that she was mines and I would love and protect her the rest of her life. It was a new beginning for us. Locked my twenty two in the glove box put my keys in the ignition. Phone pinged picked it up I had two unread messages.

First message was from the boy I met at the gas station saying he made it home and that he wanted to finish what we had started so I should slide on him.

Second message was from Eric asking where was And that he needed to see me. After seeing what I witnessed , it was know way hell he would ever see me.

I was so ready to focus on my new life, I threw the phone out the window pulled the car in front of it and ran it over.

By this time it was day break and I was on the highway heading somewhere down south. People always say Atlanta is a nice place to live. We were off to a new start Harmony and I.

The End 💙

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